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Standard bath stand

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Rotho Babydesign standard stand for bathtubs

Clever solutions for parents and child - The German brand Rotho Babydesign has been developing high-quality and innovative products for over 15 years and is a reliable name in the field of baby and child care.

In the first twelve months, a combination of baby bath and stand is part of the basic equipment for young parents. The perfect interplay of baby bath and non-tilting stand supports comfortable bathing at standing height. Bending over the edge of the tub or kneeling on the tiled floor while bathing the baby are now a thing of the past.

The 4 variable supports can be individually adjusted and offer an absolute perfect fit for all of our bathtubs. The handy safety click lock offers additional stability. The towel holders on the side ensure that towels are immediately to hand.


The bathtub may only be used on the stand until the child tries to stand up on its own.

Product Information:

  • Absolute security against tipping on all 4 sides
  • With 4 variable supports that can be individually adjusted depending on the type of bath and thus offer an absolute perfect fit for all Rotho Babydesign baths
  • No risk of crushing or injury for parents and child
  • 2 towel holders: So the towel is ready to hand for right- and left-handers
  • Bath stand can only be used in combination with Rotho Babydesign baths
  • TÜV tested
  • Safety lock: Stand can only be folded after unlocking
  • The stand can be folded up after bathing and stowed away to save space
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