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Pedal Waste Bin Set 20L & 40L l PASO

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Color : Carbon metallic

Pedal Waste Bin Set 20L & 40L PASO

The PASO range of pedal waste bins offers a stylish yet fully functional waste disposal solution. The set includes:

1 x 20L pedal bin
1 x 40L pedal bin

Designed with a space-saving shape and made from robust material, these waste bins are practical for any household. Their user-friendly design features a pedal mechanism operable from three sides, making them highly accessible. The bin comes in two sizes, so it's right at home in any workshop, children's room, office, kitchen, bathroom, and more. Easy to clean and crafted from high-quality plastic, it's resistant to fingerprints and dents and won't rust.

Artikelnummer: 1015510273VB2