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Set of 2 pedal bins round PASO

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Color : Silver metallic

2-piece round pedal bin set PASO

1 x pedal bin around 20 l PASO
1 x pedal bin 30 l

Can a waste bin also look stylish and not just stand boringly in the corner? With our waste bin set you prove that there is another way.
Thanks to the stainless steel look, a space-saving shape and robust material, the waste bin is the best decision for every household. The pedal mechanism, which can be operated from 3 sides, is user-friendly and makes everyday life easier.

The set of two sizes is available in two different colors, so you can find the right one for every household. The trash cans are very easy to clean and thanks to the high-quality plastic there are no fingerprints or dents and it does not rust.

Product Information:

- Pedal bin with lid made of high-quality plastic (PP), BPA-free
- In stainless steel look
- Smell-proof, noiseless closing of the lid
- Available in two different colors
- Can be used universally in the bathroom, children's room, office, kitchen, workshop and more
- Made in Switzerland

Artikelnummer: 1015510264VB2