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Fridge box 1.9 l SUNSHINE

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Color : lime green

Rotho food storage container SUNSHINE made of plastic with a lid

mess in the fridge? With the refrigerator boxes from Rotho's SUNSHINE series, you can organize things in no time at all. The stackable tins help to keep your food organized and keep it fresh for a long time:

  • Transparent refrigerator box
  • Lid can be closed tightly
  • Space-saving and compact
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free and food safe

Advantages and possible uses

The high-quality Rotho refrigerator boxes from the SUNSHINE series help you organize your refrigerator better. Store food hygienically and odor-free in the boxes. At the same time, thanks to the can, you can easily take prepared food with you to work, school or a trip. By storing it in Rotho plastic jars, groceries are neither forgotten nor end up in the trash. Whether sausage, pasta leftovers or a piece of cake, the transparent SUNSHINE refrigerator boxes allow you to see the contents of the can at a glance. Due to its well thought-out shape, you can store every can from the SUNSHINE series in the fridge to save space.

product attributes

The modern design makes the SUNSHINE refrigerator box an elegant storage container. The wavy bottom of the can guarantees good air circulation. Condensation does not form and the stored food has a longer shelf life. The stable SUNSHINE cans can be closed watertight and airtight so that flavors are preserved and food odors are avoided. BPA-free plastic, which is suitable for allergy sufferers, ensures food-safe storage.

With every food storage container from the SUNSHINE series, you are buying Swiss brand quality with a reasonable price-performance ratio.

Artikelnummer: 1723505073WS
  • Länge: 234 mm
  • Breite: 162 mm
  • Höhe: 81 mm
  • Innenmaß Länge: 150
  • Innenmaß Breite: 75
  • Innenmaß Höhe: 77
  • Innenmaß Diagonale: 191