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Orgamix, 6 small batches

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Color : Clear / Black

Orgamix, small drawer box - organize it properly

With the Orgamix, 6 small drawers from Rotho, you can keep order with a system in the future. The 6 drawers give you the opportunity to use the drawer box, which is transparent, ideally. Exactly what you want to store in it is up to you, but there are many options. For example, the children's hair accessories or small items that they don't use every day but still use regularly. Because the Orgamix is ​​transparent, you can quickly and easily see what's inside and you don't have to search long for what you need. You can also easily stack several of these drawer boxes on top of each other. This gives you storage space and requires little space.

With the right system, keeping things tidy is no longer difficult, even for the little ones. The Orgamix system made of plastic from Rotho is the solution for you too. The storage box with 6 drawers is made of non-toxic plastic, very robust and easy to clean. You can clean them quickly and easily with a damp cloth.

Artikelnummer: 1428900096WS
  • Länge: 360 mm
  • Breite: 260 mm
  • Höhe: 500 mm