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Pedal Bin 40L l PASO ECO

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Color : Horizon Blue

Corner Waste Bin 40L l ECO PASO

The PASO range of waste bins perfectly blends stylish design with functionality. This waste bin sports a stainless steel look, a space-saving square shape, and robust material, making it an excellent addition to any household. It's user-friendly and has a pedal that you can operate from three sides. The bin comes in two sizes, so it's right at home in any workshop, children's room, office, kitchen, bathroom, and more. Easy to clean and crafted from high-quality plastic, it's resistant to fingerprints and dents and won't rust.

Sustainability has long been more than just a trend at Rotho; it's a foundational principle we integrate into all our practices. When we introduced our first series of products made from recycled materials in 2009, we were among the pioneers in this field. Today, times have changed, and we're proud to cater to a customer base that is increasingly conscious of sustainability. This is why we've taken the next step with our "ECO" line – a collection produced from recycled plastic in a climate-friendly manner which is also fully recyclable.

Product Features:

- Pedal bin with lid made from high-quality, recycled plastic (PP), BPA-free

- Stainless steel look

- Odor-proof, noiseless closing of the lid

- Available in two different sizes and many attractive colours

- Can be used universally in the bathroom, children's room, office, kitchen, workshop, for the yellow bag and more

- Easy to clean

- Made in Switzerland

Artikelnummer: 1754106161PC
  • Länge: 353 mm
  • Breite: 295 mm
  • Höhe: 676 mm