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Citrus press 0.4 l LOFT

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Color : lime green

Rotho LOFT citrus presses with an innovative top shape

Not a juice shop: the LOFT citrus press provides fresh orange or lemon juice in no time and with little effort - ideal for cooking and baking!

  • Citrus press with a new top shape
  • suitable for different sized fruits
  • easy-care plastic
  • space-saving storage
  • Swiss brand quality

Advantages and possible uses

Do you often need small amounts of lemon, orange or lime juice when cooking or baking? Then the LOFT citrus press is ideal for you: Its innovative attachment shape enables fruit of different sizes to be pressed effectively and with little effort - without splashing or spilling. Several attachments are therefore superfluous - this saves space in the kitchen and makes use child's play. The practical kitchen helper is not only suitable for cooking and baking, but also for the quick production of delicious drinks: Especially in the warm season, the juice from citrus fruits provides a special freshness kick - for example as an additive to mineral water or as an addition to smoothies or cocktails.

product attributes

The LOFT citrus press impresses with its functional, elegant design. The attachment snaps securely into place on the lower part, making it easy to use. Thanks to the innovative top shape, fruits of different sizes can be juiced efficiently and without great effort. The attachment of the lemon squeezer also fits the LOFT 0.6 l measuring cup. With a capacity of 0.4 l, the transparent base holds the juice of around 2 oranges - the spout lip allows the contents to be easily emptied afterwards without spilling or dripping. For space-saving storage, you can simply turn the attachment over and clip it to the base. The citrus press is made of the easy-care and dishwasher-safe plastic SAN, which is environmentally friendly and free of harmful substances such as BPA. You too can use this practical kitchen helper, which makes squeezing citrus fruits a pleasure!

Artikelnummer: 1754705070WS
  • Länge: 185 mm
  • Breite: 120 mm
  • Höhe: 78 mm