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Fridge Container Set Flat 1L l CLIC & LOCK

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Fridge Container Set Flat 1L l CLIC & LOCK

This set contains the following items:

3 x 1L flat containers

Tired of unpleasant odours from your food storage boxes? Our 3-piece set from the CLIC & LOCK series is the solution. These 1L flat boxes are ideal for keeping sausage, cheese, fruit, and more. Their clear design lets you view what's inside without wasting time.

The airtight and watertight seals lock in flavours and prevent odours from spreading in your kitchen. They're also great for carrying meals to school, work, or picnics. The corrugated base features an all-around juice groove, promoting air circulation to extend food's freshness. Plus, freezing food in these boxes can help reduce food waste.

Product Features:

  • Transparent for easy viewing
  • Secure closure with a silicone seal for freshness
  • Corrugated base with juice groove enhances air flow
  • Safe for use in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher
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