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8-Piece Refrigerator Container Set 0.5L l RONDO

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Farbe : Horizon Blue

8-Piece Refrigerator Container Set 0.5L l RONDO

The set consists of:
8x 1735506161WS Square Refrigerator Container 0.5L l RONDO

Our new RONDO container set declares war on opened food! Say "NO" to odours and discarded food.
Whether it's leftover food or small snacks, everything is perfectly stored in no time with our containers. The RONDO container is also perfect for transport thanks to the extremely tight lid. This provides you with the perfect kitchen helper that makes work easier at home and can be taken to school, on trips, or to the office.
The transparent material lets you see the contents, saving you valuable time. The lid is easy to open and close, thanks to the large recessed handle.
The stackable containers save space and bring aesthetic order to your kitchen.

Product Features:

  • Spacious food storage container
  • Airtight and watertight lid with a large recessed handleDishwasher-safe
  • Temperature-resistant down to -20°C
Artikelnummer: 1735506161VB8