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Square bucket 12 l BASIC

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Color : anthracite

Rotho square cleaning bucket BASIC

With the right helpers, housework can be done faster and more efficiently. Thanks to their highly functional design, the cleaning utensils in the BASIC line inspire even those who don't like cleaning!

  • Cleaning bucket with robust carrying handle
  • space-saving rectangular shape
  • with practical pouring opening
  • designed for common floor cleaning systems
  • Swiss brand quality

Advantages and possible uses

Clean floors without any effort! Thanks to its well thought-out details, the BASIC rectangular bucket makes everyday floor cleaning easier for you. Its shape and size is specially designed for standard floor cleaning systems and allows the mopping pad to be easily wrung out directly in the bucket without spilling cleaning water. Inside it has a practical liter scale that you can use to measure cleaning agents exactly. Thanks to the stable handle, the bucket can be transported easily and safely even when full. You can then empty the dirty water easily and cleanly using the spout - without worrying about splashes or puddles on the floor. After use, simply stow the bucket in the cleaning cupboard, where, thanks to its narrow shape, it will find space in even the smallest niche.

product attributes

The cleaning bucket BASIC in the practical rectangular format has a capacity of 12 l. It is compatible with all commercially available cleaning systems. The robust carrying handle withstands high loads without detaching from its anchorage. The integrated measuring scale and the practical pouring opening, with the help of which the bucket can be emptied effortlessly, ensure particular comfort. Like all cleaning utensils from Rotho, the cleaning bucket is made of environmentally friendly, BPA-free plastic and is extremely durable. It is available in different color variants. Simplify your daily housework with the BASIC bucket and gain time for yourself and your family!

Artikelnummer: 1752708853WS
  • Länge: 380 mm
  • Breite: 260 mm
  • Höhe: 230 mm