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Rotho Babydesign toy bath net Pelikan KidsKit

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Rotho Babydesign toy bath net Pelikan KidsKit

With our bath toy collector, the annoying tidying up after your little ones have had fun in the bath is finally over!

Our collector in the funny pelican design ensures fun and order at the same time. The pelican's beak opens easily, making it easy to stow away wet toys. You can also turn the collector in a different direction in just a few simple steps. The toy bathtub net fits standard bathtubs with a maximum edge width of 11 cm. With our funny collector, even the children will enjoy putting away the toys.

Clever solutions for parents and child - The German brand Rotho Babydesign has been developing high-quality and innovative products for over 15 years and is a reliable name in the field of baby and child care.

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