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Yellow bag basket 18 l COUNTRY

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Color : Charcoal Black

Box Yellow Bag 18 l COUNTRY

How to create order in the apartment? With our COUNTRY baskets you have the right solution!

The popular COUNTRY series now offers you a new sustainable line made from post-consumer plastic.
The new products are made from used plastic waste, which was collected in German households in the yellow bag or in the yellow bin, industrially cleaned and processed into granules.

The modern, elegant design with a rattan look suits any style of living and is a real eye-catcher in any desired room. The COUNTRY baskets are real all-rounders - whether for newspapers, towels, toys or as a shelf for various things - the baskets are versatile. Our stackable baskets are available in three different sizes and colours. Develop your own individual order with our baskets and make your everyday life easier.

product properties

  • Made from post-consumer plastic from the Yellow Bag
  • Collected, recycled and reused locally
  • Rattan look design
  • Fit in a natural living environment as well as in a modern environment
  • Ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, living room and children's room
  • Washable and even dishwasher-safe if required
  • Robust and modular
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable
  • Blue Angel Certificate
Artikelnummer: 1115308046PCWS