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Container with Airtight Lid 1.4L l CLIC & LOCK

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Color : Green

Container with Airtight Lid 1.4L l CLIC & LOCK

Do you like to have a clear view of your kitchen? The transparent containers from the CLIC & LOCK range offer just that, allowing you to see your stored food easily. The airtight safety lock ensures that aromas stay securely sealed inside the box.

  • Transparent container
  • Safety lock with silicone seal
  • Corrugated base with all-round juice ring
  • Microwave-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe
  • Swiss brand quality

Do you find torn food packaging in the fridge unhygienic? The rectangular container from the CLIC & LOCK range keeps fresh or opened food airtight and watertight. This ensures that aromas remain where they belong – in the food – eliminating unpleasant odours in the fridge. Whether storing snacks and leftovers or freezing your prepared meals, this food storage box is the right solution. The transparent design lets you easily identify the contents, saving time and simplifying your storage system.

Product Attributes

All food storage containers in the CLIC & LOCK range feature a tried-and-tested safety lock with a silicone seal, ensuring airtight and odour-proof food storage. The corrugated base with an all-round juice ring facilitates air circulation, extending the shelf life of your food. Available in numerous sizes and colours. These containers are stackable to save space. Plus, they are dishwasher and microwave-safe. They can withstand temperatures as low as -20°C in the freezer.

Artikelnummer: 1162605518WS
  • Länge: 161 mm
  • Breite: 161 mm
  • Höhe: 103 mm
  • Innenmaß Länge: 90
  • Innenmaß Breite: 91
  • Innenmaß Höhe: 110
  • Innenmaß Diagonale: 147