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Measuring cup 1 l TOPLINE

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Color : Transparent

Rotho measuring tank TOPLINE | 1L volume | Measuring cup with scale

Baking by eye? It is better to rely on the exact dimensions of a TOPLINE measuring cup. These practical kitchen helpers ensure that your favorite recipes are guaranteed to turn out well.

  • transparent measuring cup
  • printed liter scale
  • ergonomic handle
  • dishwasher safe and food safe
  • robust brand quality

Advantages and possible uses

The enticing scent of freshly baked cakes, waffles or muffins brings back memories and always puts you in a good mood. In order for the delicacies to succeed reliably, it is better not to improvise when measuring the ingredients. With the help of the transparent TOPLINE measuring cup, you can dose liquids such as milk, water or fruit juice exactly as specified in the recipe. Thanks to the easy-to-read scale, baking is child's play - you and your offspring prepare the baking ingredients and learn the units of measurement at the same time. Thanks to the ergonomic design, nothing is spilled - with the help of the practical handle, liquids can even be transferred with children's hands. After baking, the kitchen helper simply goes into the dishwasher and you have time to get your kitchen in order.

product attributes

The transparent measuring cup TOPLINE with a capacity of 1 l is made of easy-care, dishwasher-safe plastic polypropylene - this has a long service life and cannot break. Of course, the material is food safe and free from harmful substances such as BPA. The well thought-out, ergonomic design is not only aesthetic, but also ensures that the measuring cup sits comfortably in the hand when decanting liquids. The printed scale can be read in 100 ml increments. The measuring cup from the TOPLINE series is also available in the 0.5 l size. You too can use this practical kitchen helper and look forward to untroubled baking pleasure!

Artikelnummer: 1701410624WS
  • Länge: 190 mm
  • Breite: 95 mm
  • Höhe: 165 mm

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