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Multibag 25 l Ocean-Bound Plastic ALBULA

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Color : navy blue

Carrier bag 25 l Ocean-Bound Plastic ALBULA

With our new, sustainable line of ALBULA multibags made of ocean-bound plastic, you can take part in improving our planet!

For the production of our line we use plastic waste that has been collected from the sea and processed back into high-quality raw materials. New, sustainable and high-quality products are developed in connection with post-consumer recyclates from the yellow bag or the yellow bin.

The trendy, stylish multibag, with its capacity of 25 l, is suitable as a shopping bag, for gardening, or simply for storage at home. Due to the robust and stable construction of the bag and the comfortable handles, the carrying capacity is up to 40 kg.

The multibag ALBULA lives up to its name and is a real all-rounder!

product properties

– Made from ocean-bound plastic combined with post-consumer recyclates
– The all-round talent in two trendy shades of blue is perfect for shopping, strolling through town,
as a garden helper, for a picnic, for sports, as a beach bag or for on the go
– Ergonomic handles
– Load capacity up to 40 kg
– Robust and stable construction
– Made from 93% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable
– Blue Angel certificate

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