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Set of 3 swivel stacking baskets REVERSO

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Color : anthracite

Rotary Stacking Boxes Set 3pc l REVERSO

This set includes:
1 x 18L stacking basket
1 x 10L stacking basket
1 x 4.5L stacking basket

Say goodbye to frustrating and time-consuming searches with our REVERSO set. These stacking baskets offer the perfect solution for everyday items you need close at hand or wish to store compactly, making your storage as efficient as possible.

Benefits and Applications

The 4.5L rotating basket is perfect for tucking away newspapers or magazines when not in use. The 10L basket provides an ideal toy storage solution in children's rooms. Meanwhile, the 18L basket, with its ventilating mesh design, optimizes keeping fruits or vegetables fresh, allowing for excellent air flow and visibility of contents. Each basket features convenient handles for effortless transport.

Product Features:

- A visually appealing design
- Stackable for efficient use of space
- Easy to carry with comfortable handles
- Contemporary mesh structure for visibility and ventilation
- Multipurpose
- Assured brand quality

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