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Set of stacking and stacking baskets REVERSO

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Color : anthracite

Set of stack and nest boxes REVERSO

Set includes:
1 x stack and nest basket 18 l REVERSO
1 x stack and nest basket 10 l REVERSO
1 x stack and nest basket 4.5 l REVERSO

Nerve-wracking and time-consuming searches come to an end with our REVERSO set.
The REVERSO stacking basket is versatile and the ideal container for many things that you need every day or that you want to store away to save space. So nothing stands in the way of efficient storage.

Advantages and possible uses

The twist-and-stack basket with a capacity of 4.5 l is used to store newspapers or magazines that are not needed at the moment. In the 10 l basket, toys find the right and secure place in the children's room. The 18 l basket is ideal for storing fruit or vegetables, as the lattice structure allows good air circulation and you can always see the contents. Thanks to the comfortable handles, the baskets can be transported easily and comfortably.

Product Information

• Shapely and aesthetic
• Stackable
• High wearing comfort due to comfortable handles
• Modern grid structure
• Versatile in use
• Certified brand quality

Artikelnummer: 110267808853VB3