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Multibag Set 25L & 40L l ALBULA

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Color : Irises dark blue steamed

Multi-bag Set 25L & 40L l ALBULA

Discover the perfect combination of style and functionality with our ALBULA Multi-Bag Set, which includes:

1 x 25L Multi-Bag Style
1 x 40L Multi-Bag Classic

Boasting trendy colours and a chic design, our ALBULA Multi-bag is your ideal companion for any occasion. Use it as a shopping bag, for car trips, gardening, picnics, or simply for storage at home — the bag adapts to your needs. Its sleek design, available in 25L or 40L litres, offers practical, space-saving solutions. The ergonomic handles are designed to carry up to 40kg, comfortably Featuring a rounded design and made from easy-care plastic, the bag is effortless to clean, inside and out. Plus, it's eco-friendly, made from recycled materials.

Artikelnummer: 104446211VB2