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Waste Recycling System Set 2 x 40L, 2 x 25L l ALBULA

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Waste Recycling System Set l ALBULA

This set includes: 2 x 1024901023WS Recycling Waste System 25L l ALBULA; 2 x 1034408080RWS Recycling Waste System 40L l ALBULA

The waste system with a lid allows you to segregate household waste easily. While most recycling systems are practical, they often lack aesthetic appeal, forcing you to hide them. With our modular bins, we put an end to that. The handles also facilitate the transportation of the waste bin, making it easy to empty the contents at the recycling centre or in the garbage can. They are easy to clean with water and washing liquid. Practical stickers are included and can be attached to the front of the lid, allowing you to identify each waste bin's contents quickly. The lids ensure a tight seal to prevent odours from escaping.

Product Features:

- Sophisticated recycling system with lid

- Two comfortable handles for easy carrying

- Six different stickers for the front of the lid for easy waste separation

- Made from robust recycled plastic, BPA-free

- Multiple recycling bins can be stacked on top of each other

- Available in various trendy colours

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