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Stacking Box Set l COMPACT

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Color : Horizon Blue

Stacking Box Set l COMPACT

Set includes:

1 x A3, 38L stacking box
1 x A4, 13L stacking box A4

Looking for a way to organise your entire home efficiently? Our COMPACT stacking box set is your ideal solution.

Advantages & Possible Uses

Our set effortlessly accommodates everything in your household, from tiny items like sewing tools or hardware accessories such as nuts and screws to bulkier objects including toys, off-season clothing, or shoes. Access what you need swiftly; until then, it stays clean and securely stored.
The 38L box serves brilliantly as a toy chest or for sorting larger belongings. Use the 13L box to keep your documents or smaller items in order. These boxes aren't just stackable but incredibly durable, offering a practical storage solution.

Product Features:

- Constructed from over 96% recycled plastic
- Durable as part of a cohesive series
- Securely lockable and stackable
- Exceptionally sturdy, even with heavy use
- Available in three stylish, modern colours

Artikelnummer: 1767706161VB2