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Color : Transparent

Rotho kitchen strainer RONDO

Draining the pasta is annoying? The blue RONDO sieve from Rotho puts an end to the cumbersome pouring of hot water. Cleverly designed and easy to use, the colander should not be missing in the student digs.

  • for pouring and draining
  • food safe plastic

Advantages and possible uses

The Rotho RONDO sieve is an all-rounder that makes your kitchen work noticeably easier. The dishwasher-safe strainer has a low weight and is therefore easier to handle than heavy stainless steel strainers. With the strainer from the RONDO series, you can pour off hot potato water without having to laboriously hold the pot lid at an angle on the potato pot. Draining vegetables or washed salad is also effortless with the stable kitchen strainer. Because the RONDO sieve can be attached to the pot or sink thanks to the handles and you have both hands free.

product attributes

The RONDO sieve is the ideal size for all common kitchen tasks. If the RONDO sieve is not needed, it can be stowed away to save space and, if there are several versions, stacked inside each other. The lattice-shaped perforations in the colander allow liquid to drain away optimally, while spaghetti, peas or berries remain reliably in the colander. The easy-care colander made of BPA-free plastic is food-safe and heat-resistant. The RONDO screen guarantees high durability and a long service life. As with all products, Rotho grants a 20-year durability guarantee on the kitchen strainer.

Artikelnummer: 1717000096WS
  • Länge: 325 mm
  • Breite: 265 mm
  • Höhe: 130 mm