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Small funnel, 9 cm VULCANO

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Color : Green

Rotho funnel VULCANO for easy filling

Thanks to the special shape of the VULCANO funnel in blue from the manufacturer Rotho, pouring and filling any liquid is as easy as it is residue-free.

  • large plastic funnel
  • food safe and BPA free
  • Flow prevents backflow
  • light and robust
  • dishwasher safe

Advantages and possible uses

Homemade gifts from the kitchen are not only delicious, the small gifts are always well received by relatives and friends. Against this background, you have now invested a lot of time and love and prepared a tasty syrup. All that is missing is a nice bottle into which the sweet fruit concentrate is filled and the special present is ready to give away. But as is so often the case, this last step turns out to be a nerve-wracking obstacle: when pouring into a narrow-necked container, more than half of the liquid ends up spilling. Not only was your effort wasted as there is no longer enough syrup to give away, to make matters worse you are now spending your precious time cleaning the kitchen. The situation is very similar with the storage of juice or gravy: difficult and almost impossible without tools to decant these liquids without residue and without spilling. With the Rotho VULCANO funnel, these negatively charged scenarios finally come to an end. In addition to being easy to fill with bottles and jars of all kinds, this funnel-shaped kitchen utensil has a special flow-through shape that prevents backflow and the formation of bubbles. This makes it completely relaxed and effective to decant drinks and sauces down to the last drop.

product attributes

The Rotho VULCANO funnel is a functional addition to any kitchen. Since all sizes of the VULCANO product series are precisely matched to each other, the individual funnels can be clicked together and stowed away when not in use. The well-thought-out shape of the passage enables clean pouring without the formation of bubbles or back pressure. The funnel made of BPA-free plastic is food safe and suitable for allergy sufferers. The easy-care material of this kitchen helper is robust and dishwasher-safe without scratching or deforming. The high quality standards ensure an appropriate price-performance ratio with a twenty-year durability guarantee on all products.

Artikelnummer: 1741305073WS
  • Länge: 90 mm
  • Breite: 90 mm
  • Höhe: 115 mm