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Drinking cup 0.25 l ECO CARUBA

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Color : Charcoal covered black

Plastic cup 0.25 l ECO CARUBA

Finally a drinking cup that is easy for children to hold and that is unbreakable and robust! With the drinking cup CARUBA from the new ECO line you have an aesthetic alternative on the one hand and on the other you make a major contribution to our environment. The shapely mug enriches every table decoration and can be easily transported.
Whether coffee or juice, warm and cold drinks can be comfortably enjoyed in the ECO CARUBA cup and are suitable for every occasion.
The functional and robust drinking cups can be stacked on top of each other to save space and are perfect for everyday use indoors and outdoors.

Product features:

  • High quality
  • Beautiful color and shape
  • Stable plastic
  • Ideal to take away
  • Structured outer surfaces for a secure grip, even with wet hands
  • 100% recyclate from food-safe products
  • 100% food safe
Artikelnummer: 1705108046RKWS